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Belimo sensors – the foundation of comfort.

The new room sensors and room operating units are the perfect complement to Belimo's existing sensor range. With the expansion of the product range for visible areas of the room, Belimo offers the architect an aesthetic and timeless design, the installer quick installation, the system integrator easy commissioning and the end customer a comfortable room climate.

Innovation for peace of mind

Timeless, slim design

The Belimo room units impress with their aesthetic, timeless design and the inconspicuous depth between 14 and 24 mm, depending on the sensor type. The Belimo room units can be integrated seamlessly into existing controllers from third-party manufacturers. Fast, tool-free assembly as well as high long-term measuring accuracy and short reaction times characterise the room units. The Belimo Assistant App guarantees simple commissioning of the active sensors and their diagnostics via smartphone. Near Field Communication (NFC) provides guided configuration, even if the sensor is not connected to the power supply.

Product range

Belimo Assistant App

The Belimo Assistant App provides full transparency at all times about your active Belimo room devices and their settings and operating data. It also enables a wireless, efficient commissioning, function control and on-site operation for the latest generation of room sensors! It is easy to handle and ready for use at any time.

  • Setting and displaying device-specific operating data and parameters.
  • Local sensors' trend view of actual data
  • NFC data transmission with de-energised room unit or during ongoing operation
  • Diagnosis page: device specific state information
  • Send operating and setting data directly from the device, via e-mail, WhatsApp, SMS
  • User Benefits
User Benefits


You provide your customers an overall concept fulfilling the aesthetical aspects implemented into the future story and purpose of the commercial building. Belimo sensors offer:

  • The room units from Belimo impress by their timeless and slim design.
  • Belimo products provide sufficient scope to bring in creativity ending in a unique design concept. 

Consulting engineer

Your task is to design HVAC systems that meet the required functionality regarding energy codes, safety and comfort to make facilities run comfortably. You will find yourself constantly looking for new, innovative ways to save energy and improve the indoor climate. You are working with digital assistants and like to use data from your suppliers and manufacturers for your planning. Belimo sensors offer:

  • Longterm stable measurement, short reaction time of the sensor and a low wall coupling factor result in accurately measured values and enable an optimal room climate.
  • The room units fit seamlessly with all important building automation and control systems.   
  • BIM-Data and step files of our sensors can be found in the Belimo VDI-Selector which adds to your ease of business/planning.
  • Near Field Communication (NFC) allows assisted configuration, even if the active room unit is not connected to the power supply.

System integrator

Your customer's benefit is your great conceptional skills. Your job is to design and build control systems and efficient operating sequences. You're looking for new and innovative ways to save energy and improve building performance regarding room comfort. The commissioning stage containing the data point tests take a lot of time and are crucial for the correct functionality of the whole system. Time pressure is complicating your tasks which have to be carried out under high concentration. Belimo sensors offer:

  • Seamless compatibility with all major building automation and control systems (BACS) by featuring the most common output signals.
  • The short response time of the room sensor and the low wall coupling factor provide very accurate measurement results and thus enable the creation of an optimised room climate.
  • Tool-free data point test for an efficient commissioning phase.
  • Simple commissioning of the active room units via NFC with your smartphone. NFC also works if the units are unpowered.
  • Our active room units have an implemented trending and diagnostic function via NFC. 
  • Built from the highest quality materials, delivering reliable and accurate readings. Because we believe in our products, the sensors also carry a 5-year warranty.


As a wholesaler, you depend on product availability, ease of selection and short delivery times. Fast access to technical information and customer support are among the requirements you place on your suppliers. Belimo provides:  

  • Our streamlined product range makes the product selection process and installation quick and easy. 
  • We can guarantee short delivery distances and times. No matter what you need, Belimo is your partner. 
  • Our worldwide representatives guarantee a comprehensive after-sales support through the entire product life and are backed by a 5-year warranty.

Installer / Contractor

You are the first executive organ at the construction site for the HVAC components. You are faced with time and cost pressures. You are busy dealing with troubleshooting technical issues and trying to keep the schedule. Belimo sensors provide:

  • The room units can be mounted quickly and without tools using spring-loaded terminal blocks.
  • The reverse polarity protection prevents faulty connection at our active room units.
  • Our NFC-based assistance app as well as the comprehensive documentation leave no questions unanswered and make your life incredibly easy.

Building Owners

Building expansion and tenant improvements are a constant challenge to you and your property. It's your aim keeping your tenants comfortable, identifying ways to optimize your HVAC system, and preserving capital budgets. Belimo sensors provide: 

  • Fast and accurate measurement results of the room units enable the control of an optimal room climate.
  • Our active room units combined with the Belimo Assistant App provide full transparency at all times about operating data and enable to optimize the energy resources.
  • The well-known high quality guarantees reliable and accurate readings. Because we believe in our products, the room units and sensors also carry a 5-year warranty.
  • Belimo guarantees short delivery times and comprehensive support through the entire product life. It makes the lives of your facility manager easier.

Facility Managers / Building Operator

Whatever fails in a running building, you have to address it. Your biggest concern is to spend little time on retrofit jobs as possible. You appreciate simple and transparent systems and if needed fast delivery of spare parts/devices and support. Rising energy prices and ecological reasons move you to find new and innovative ways to reduce energy consumption and improve the performance of your equipment. Belimo sensors provide:

  • The active room units offer trend and diagnostic functions via NFC in order to guarantee easy access and transparency of the operating data.
  • Our streamlined product range combined with the Belimo retrofit app makes the retrofit job and the replacement quick and easy. 
  • Belimo's first-class after-sales service and comprehensive documentation leave no questions unanswered and make your life incredibly easy.